2024 Presidential Campaign
Updated for 2024 with AI Stocks

Trading the Presidential Cycle

Rules-Based Trading Strategy Tailored to the Election Cycle Pattern

Download Tom’s Presidential Cycle Report and benefit from his insights as a rules-based trader.  Seize this opportunity to elevate your trading by learning how to trade reliable, repeatable patterns. Start your journey into trading the 2024 Presidential Cycle.

2024 Ai Presidential Report

Tom’s Trading Tools

All proficient investors have a plan when trading. Whether they create their own strategy or follow a pre-built strategy, having the right tools to implement them is key. Tom’s Trading Room offers tools for the job.

All of Tom’s Trading Tools come with Weekly video releases, unlimited access to over 100+ training videos, and daily live support via Phone/Skype/Email. Not sure which tool is best for you? We can discuss your trading strategy and help you choose a service that would best fit your need.

Option Trader

Offering a robust set of option analytics tools, the Option Trader platform gives the user access to a wide range of option strategies, allowing for backtesting of strategies, Custom screeners, and strategy searches.

Contrarian Trader

DarkNet contrarian signals uses the mathematical properties of bands and channels to find contrarian buying patterns in the market. Generating B-Buy, R-Rebuy, A-(Abandon or Add-On), and S-(Sell) signals. The advanced tools offer chart overlays for stocks and options.

Complete Trader

The complete trader gives the investor access to all of Tom’s Tools in addition to The Money Calendar. A customizable seasonal stock calendar, utilizing over 10 years of backtested data. It spots trading opportunities for the investor and will help reduce your downside risk.

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Special Offer

Join Mastery On-Demand!

Have you ever wanted to join the Mastery Program but couldn’t make the live events? Well this year I wanted to change it up and offer you the ability to learn on your time with our brand new Mastery On-Demand offering.

Choose from a wealth of Mastery Programs including our System Mastery, Hedge Fund Mastery, and Trend Mastery — or choose to get access to all of them with the All Access pass.

Online Tutorials and More

With more than 25 years of options and trading experience, Tom seeks to help individual investors learn how to capitalize on market movement while reducing risk. With online videos, tutorials, and training lessons, Tom’s Trading Room is perfect for any trader regardless of experience.

  • Tom’s Trading Videos & Podcasts

    Have you checked out Tom’s YouTube channel? With weekly videos and Podcasts showcasing real world examples on your favorite stocks (Yes, TSLA!), Tom demonstrates how traders can take advantage of recent market movement to reduce risk and help capture those profits.

  • Giving back like a 1-Percenter

    Tom loves giving back to the community. Because of this, he has committed to ‘Giving back like a 1-Percenter’. A charity initiative, where he donates half of his gross income to charities involved in changing the world.

Tom Gentile in NYC

Who’s Tom?

After starting his career from his parents’ home in 1986, Tom quickly climbed the ranks of the American Stock Exchange and co-founded Optionetics in 1993, after selling his business, Tom decided to use his knowledge to create the tools and help teach other traders to be successful.

  • Teacher

    Tom’s 25 years of trading experience with options lead him to develop trading tools and lessons. His goal to help individual investors propel themselves past 99% of the trading crowd.

  • Speaker

    Tom has appeared on countless financial programs such as CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters and Fox, who look to him to offer insight and guidance into how an investor could use options to capitalize of current price movements.

Tom Gentile Speaking

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Tom Gentile has taken some of my seasonality patterns and bettered them utilizing options for leverage, cost, and risk.

— Jay Kaeppel
Host of Jay on the Markets

How could an investment of only $39,000 grow to seven figures in less than two years? Only through Tom Gentile.

— Sidney and Ed

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