AI Hedge Fund Mastery Mentorship
with Tom Gentile and Mike Wade

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Tom Gentile and Mike Wade
Tom Gentile and Mike Wade

Class starts June 12th!

Class Overview

I’ve been immersed in trading education for decades. My trading systems work, plain and simple. I use a rules-based approach, and with proprietary scans, I teach this approach and have been for years.
What I’ve noticed though, is that too many traders aren’t generating consistent profits. Some who take courses still aren’t trading at all.

Education is important. Application of my education is critical. So, what’s the missing piece? Coaching and an active community of traders sharing ideas and supporting each other.

That brings me to our Latest Series, the 2024 AI Mastery Mentor Program. The foundation of this strategy revolves around Artificial Intelligence. That’s what’s hot today and I believe we are in the early innings of this move. Remember the Dotcom era? That lasted 5 years from 1997 to 2001. We have only just begun with AI and the industry is just getting started.

We are coupling our best patterns with the highest probability option strategies available and applying them to the hottest sector going right now. Yes, I’m talking about A.I. stocks like Nvidia (NVDA), Avago (AVGO), Alphabet (GOOGL), and more.

To kick off our partnership, we are offering our first course, which includes our first 3 AI trades, with entry and exits to you absolutely free. Yes, the same strategies that hedge fund managers employ to generate consistent profits. And No, this is not a sales presentation, this is the first of a 3 month program.

This AI Master Course Features Weekly Live Sessions and Includes:

Tom’s Hedge Fund and Money Calendar Scanners
1.5 Hours of Strategy Instruction & Personalized Mentoring 6 weeks
1.5 Hours of Hedge Fund Live Trading with Mike per week
1.5 Hours of Hedge Fund Live Community Coaching with Mike per week
6 Hours of Live Community Trading Rooms per week
Community WhatsApp Live Feed with Live Trades and community support
Community Forum with tons of education
AI Transcribed recorded sessions
AI Trade Forecasting Workbook

Over the course of 13-weeks, Tom, Mike, and his community of active traders will support you every step of the way to success.

That’s over 129 hours of education and trading with Mike over the course of 3 months, where you will be able to interact directly with him and fellow traders.

Regular Price $4,895
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2024 AI Mastery Mentor Program

Week 1

 Trading AI Stocks with Money Calendar

Week 2

Building a 100% Portfolio with Credit Spreads

Week 3

Butterflies Dissected – The Basics

Week 4

Trading Broken Wing Butterflies (BWBs)

Week 5

 Risk Reversals – Trading Direction with High Probability of Profit

Week 6

BWB/Calendar Spreads – “Checkmating” Stocks

… All with emphasis on AI Stocks!