Mastery Series Header 2023

2023 Hedge Fund Mastery Series With Tom Gentile and Mike Wade

Discover Option Strategies used by Professional Hedge Fund Traders

Tom Gentile and Mike Wade
Tom Gentile and Mike Wade

Mondays & Thursdays; Begins Feb 2nd

Class Overview

Tom Gentile and Mike Wade are back with their Hedge Fund Mastery series! They’ll introduce you to sophisticated options strategies like Broken Wing Butterflies, Modidors, and Risk Reversal Trades along with Credit Spreads and Naked Puts.

These powerful strategies can provide high statistical probabilities of profit with exceptionally low risk. See how you could check-mate the markets with the same strategies utilized by professional hedge fund traders. Don’t miss out on this 6-week course where you could learn to harness the power of high-probability hedge fund strategies.

Class begins February 2, 2023 @ 8pm ET

Class Benefits

6 Weeks of Live Online Classes (Thursdays)
6 Weeks of Live Market Hedge Fund Trading (Mondays)

12 months of access to recorded sessions

Live case studies throughout this mastery series

Upgraded tools to include NEW Hedge Fund Trapper Button

Upgraded Forum Access within Tools to include Mike

Live Technical Support through Phone/Skype/Email

Total Package Value $2,995
Limited Time Offer Price $995

For this week only, we are offering it for $995! That’s over 65% off the regular program price!