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2023 Earnings Mastery Series with Tom Gentile and Mike Wade

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Tom Gentile and Mike Wade
Tom Gentile and Mike Wade

Begins July 6th

Class Overview

The most predictable and reliable patterns in trading result from earnings announcements. This mastery series is focused on teaching how to utilize a number of high-probability strategies for taking advantage of these earnings patterns. These patterns provide opportunities to profit from IV Surge as well as the anticipated stock price move before and after the announcement. You will learn the inner workings of our proprietary BRUTUS system, the heart of our highly performant publication from Money Map Press. In addition, you will learn how to profit in volatile market conditions (like we’re in now) using straddles, profiting if the stock moves anywhere.

Class begins July 6th, 2023

Class Benefits

6 weekly 90-120 minute live online classes

12 months of access to recorded sessions

Live case studies throughout this mastery series

Upgraded tools to include Earnings Mastery button

Upgraded Forum Access within Tools to include Mike

Live Technical Support through Phone/Skype/Email

One hour of Live Trade each Monday

2023 Earnings Master Series Curriculum

Week 1: Targeting the Best Earnings Patterns

  • Discover the most consistent pattern in trading: IV Surges at earnings.
  • Learn the inner workings of options and how to magnify profits.
  • Harness the power of Tom’s tools to find the very best IV surge patterns.
  • Learn how to find stocks that move consistently up or down into earnings.

Week 2: Spotting Optimal Buy and Sell Points

  • Harness the power of “The Greeks” (Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta).
  • Learn how to scan for the optimal entry days to greatly increase profits.
  • Learn effective trade management techniques.

Week 3: Hedging Your Risk with Straddles

  • Learn the fundamentals of straddles to hedge directional risk.
  • Determine the profit impact of IV surge (Vega) and time decay (Theta) on profits.
  • Learn how to construct straddles and manage them for the life of the trade.

Week 4: Optimizing Trades for Maximum Profits

  • Determine the optimal day to enter straddles to maximize profit.
  • Master delta neutral adjustments to reduce risk and increase probability of profit.

Week 5: Our Earnings Action Plan

  • Profit on post-earnings breakouts with longer-term straddles.
  • Learn how to build a monthly trade plan and manage your portfolio for consistent profits.
  • Putting all the pieces together, strategy review, next steps.
  • Tom’s Bonus System.

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