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Mike Wade’s Mentorship Program

Live Coaching Available

Mike Wade
Your Instructor: Mike Wade

Class Starts March 20th

Class Overview

Take your trading to the next level with Mike Wade as your personal trading coach!  Mike is offering a few lucky traders the opportunity for intensive LIVE coaching and more.

Mike’s Mentorship Program includes:

  • 6 weeks of group coaching (5 students per group) (1 hour per week)
  • 13 weeks of Hedge Fund Live Trading (1.5 hours per week)
  • 13 weeks of Hedge Fund Live COMMUNITY COACHING  (1.5 hours per week)
  • Live Feed on WhatsApp (market & trade updates, support)
  • Live Trades posted in MWTC Community Forum
  • All classroom materials, spreadsheets, handouts, etc.
  • *BONUS* 1 Year of Tom’s Option Tools with HFM scans

With only 5 students per coaching group, Mike will be able to give individualized instruction during each session!

Mike will also provide his personal mobile number and email address for access between class times.

Class begins March 20th, 2023

Total Package Value $7,388
Limited Time Offer Price $3,990

This package is valued at $7,388.

For this week only, we are offering this course and tools membership for $3,990


Also Available: Mentorship Only for $2,490

“Mike is a great educator. He goes over something, shows it, and then reinforces what he’s just gone over. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Some people learn visually, some verbally and some by example. Mike covered all of these aspects in his teaching style. I had a great experience with the class and Mike and would recommend it to anyone wanting to move to the next level of trading!”

— Kathy D

“Mike’s coaching has improved my confidence in my trading by improving my Average Profit/Loss (APL) from less than 10% to over 25% and still growing. Mike shows different ways and ideas to look at markets and trades and take advantage of the opportunities that are presented.”

— Paul N.

“Mike’s hedge fund class has showed me how to not only achieve greater ROI, increase the probability of success and more importantly how to reduce risk during the trade so that losses are minimized…absolutely “priceless”

— Bob K.

“Mike provided a solid and structured approach to documenting our trading methodology/process, as a business plan, that proved our ability to be profitable and successful. This has had several criteria that makes this the best strategy and tactical approach for safely trading options.”

— Mark C.