6 Trading Skills to be Successful (Pt 1 of 6) 

Tom Gentile

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By: Tom Gentile
April 6th, 2022

3 mins read

I have 6 distinct, quick trading rules I teach on how to be a successful options trader.

Today I will present the first rule. I will continue to provide an article with the next rule until I have provided you all with the full 6 rules.

Developing an Effective Plan

When it comes to trading, the best way to succeed is by developing an effective plan – and sticking to it.

Successful traders make informed decisions based on rational data. Never allow your emotions to get in the way of your trading.

By following a consistent trading plan that includes the 6 Trading Strategies for Success, you’ll be in an optimal position to make significant earnings no matter what the market does.

SKILL #1: Qualifying Your Trades

Do Any of these descriptions characterize your trading style?

  • I get in to trades because a TV guru said to
  • I act on the recommendation of analysts (half of whom say to sell, and the other half say to buy – on the same stock)
  • I flip a coin and pray

If so, you could probably use a better trading system.

The reality is that nobody has control over the markets. Just look at the show Mad Money on CNBC. 

While the views expressed may be acceptable for some long-term investors, the majority of the stock picks can go against those views for days or even weeks before turning and going as one wishes.

Therefore, If You Want to Trade Successfully

  • Thinking unemotionally is the first step
  • Trading a proven trading system is absolutely essential

Qualify a Trading System

To qualify a trading system, we need to have a set of rules.

From there, we back test the rules using historical data,  This allows us to get  a feel for how our system would have performed over the time frame allotted.

It also gives us insight into whether or not the system was profitable.

Some Systems Perform Better than Others

Take a cerebral journey to find out which are profitable, and which are not, and which ones suit you as a trader.

Zero in on systems that fit your time frame and comfort zone as a trader.

Don’t try to day trade if you have a full-time job. You are likely to lose at both if you try to concentrate on them at the same time.

KEY TIP: Use of my software and the pre-computed scans available in them is an easy way to get started with a trading system.

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