6 Trading Skills to be Successful (Pt 4 of 6) 

Tom Gentile

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By: Tom Gentile
April 12th, 2022

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Skill #4 Master Money Management Diversification

Diversification is a great way to get started with money management, and you can accomplish it simply by putting your system to work in more than one stock or asset class.

As for specific trades, try using the 5/20 rule:  No more than 5% risk in any one trade, and no more than 20% of your portfolio in any one industry sector.

For More Advanced Traders

For those of you who consider yourselves more advanced traders, consider using more elaborate money management systems.

Several different kinds are available, ranging from value investing to fixed fractional and even the famous money carlo system.

Study them to determine what works best for you and your trading.

An Interesting Way to Gain more Experience in Trading

Spending some time in front of your television set watching one of the many poker playing tournaments.

Eventually, as you watch these championships, you’ll begin to recognize the same familiar faces at the final table. Are they just lucky? No. Rather, they have a constructive set of money management that they apply to their game.

They understand the probability that any given poker hand cab win or lose, and they cut out early if things don’t look good.

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