About Tom’s Trading Room

Meet Tom

Not your average Wall Street Suit… High School Graduate turned College Dropout, Tom Gentile became a Wall Street disruptor who went to work full time for a local trading company on the American Stock Exchange in the early 90s. Later, Tom co-founded Optionetics, one of the world’s leading options educators. “We basically trading strategies floor traders used on the AMEX, and expanded the holding time from seconds, to days, weeks, and months for anyone.” Our strategies consist of over 2 dozen basic option strategies, and many more advanced strategies including our latest Hedge Fund Strategies for the Retail Trader. Click here for our next round of Live Webinars

While at Optionetics, Tom helped design options software that analyzed multiple risk graphs, created what if scenarios, and even backtested option strategies, at a fraction of the cost of Professional Software Packages like the Bloomberg Terminal. “We wanted to search on things that even the $2500 a month Bloomberg Terminal couldn’t, and offer it at a fraction of the cost. Our Best Software Package costs less for a year of service than a Bloomberg Terminal costs for a month.” This is still the same with our newly designed TomsOptionTools.com software package. Learn more about our software packages.

More recently, Tom has been authoring several publications, from free to premium with Money Map Press, a leader in financial publications. Find out more about Tom’s publications.

When not Trading, Teaching, or Talking, Tom spends his down time with his family, dividing his time between Florida, New York, and exploring the country as well as the world. He donates to various charities each year, and although he has plenty of money to live well the rest of his life, he enjoys teaching others his style of trading. My plan as I move through my 50s is to travel the world, trading, teaching, and publishing while I do it.

Tom Gentile

I’m doing this to show you I believe in the concept of “Giving Back; giving back to my community, my country and giving back to the world.”

Tom Gentile
CEO, Tom’s Trading Room

Tom Gentile takes my stock and commodity cycles, and instantly is able to create the perfect option combination, to either limit the risk or dramatically increase the probability of profit vs just trading the assets…

— Jeffrey Hirsch
Author of the Stock Traders Almanac

Just learning one of these tools will very easily pay for the course. I’ve
 already made all my money back just by using the 24 Earnings tool… and we
are only in week 3! Keep up the excellent work, the tools are awesome, the education is
outstanding, and the support is superb!

— Dr. Jon P

Meet Our Team

Our team of experts work tirelessly to bring you the best tools and real-time information.

And let’s not forget John, Ray, Jim, Miles, and Kevin… my Special Ops Team of Programmers! My team has 112 years’ experience in software design, mathematics, and missile navigation. They have climbed the ranks at NASA, Raytheon, and Texas Instruments. Across the team, they hold 11 patents issued by the U.S. Government. They’ve spent years developing Air Flight Control Systems, Missile Guidance Technology, as well as Radar Tracking Devices. In fact, key members helped build the first image-graphics based Six-Degrees of Freedom missile simulation. This was a landmark breakthrough—and a remarkable achievement – because it allowed the U.S. Department of Defense to predict missile trajectory. This is essentially the same code we use in our Trading Analytics Software.

As far as Options expertise, my team has helped develop one of the first platforms for system back-testing on, have won awards for Options Trading Systems, and have been featured in Stocks and Commodities Magazine. Oh, and by the way, we developed the proprietary trading analytics for Optionetics, and later sold it to Wall Street for $20 million. So I would say they are more than qualified for the tasks I give them.