An Options Trading Management Consideration

Tom Gentile

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Options Trading

By: Tom Gentile
December 19th, 2022

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For your Consideration: Cost as Risk

Here is a consideration for you on how to manage your trading and Risk/Reward: There a couple of ways one can go about a stop loss.

  1. Use a percentage stop loss, or 
  2. Use cost as risk

We teach and use case studies based on a theoretical 25k account in which no more than 2% is at risk on any one trade, meaning no more than $500 risk per trade.

Stop Loss

If you go with a 50% stop loss rule that means one can set up a trade that cost $1,000 and at a 50% stop you would lose $500 but preserve the remaining $500,

But… how many times have you stopped out at a 50% stop only to see the trade turn around and work? Frustrating, right?

Cost as Risk

How about spending only your max risk or $500 on the trade to begin with. You will have less contracts and therefore less profit potential, but you will not have an arbitrary stop loss percentage potentially taking you out too soon if you are willing to risk the full $500.

This way the market and your position’s underlying security can bounce around all it wants and unless its value reaches zero you can maintain the trade and stay in it a bit longer, giving it a chance to work out.

It keeps you from having to over-manage it and all its gyrations as well. This should result in less stress in your trading, which we find is a benefit utilizing Cost as Risk in our options trade management.

Position-Sizing Example: if your ‘max risk’ is $500 and the cost of one option is $2.50, that would allow you to ‘open’ two contracts, equaling $500 cost.

Go with the one you find suits your personality best.

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