Daily Report — November 30, 2021

Tom Gentile

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Daily Report

By: Tom Gentile
November 30th, 2021

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Using Morning Report lists with Money Calendar

I’ve taught for some time now in my live sessions and in many different educational articles I’ve written that I do not like to buy options that have expensive IV, but when the IV is cheap I am willing. Here is the Cheap IV list for today:

I get the list results, now what?

One thing people ask if once I get the info from the Morning Report lists what do I do with them?

I look at additional scans / searches within my tools. If I am using the cheap IV list I also look to see if a security on that list is also on the Money Calendar list.

Money Calendar finds both bullish and bearish patterns that have been back tested over the past 10-years and shows a security that has traded higher or lower in price 9 or 10 of the past 10-years over a period of day.

None of the securities on the Cheap IV list make the Money Calendar list, but as they come up and it works for the day’s content / lesson I will point it out.

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