Fed Week! Be Careful Ahead of the Fed’s Decision on Interest Rates

Tom Gentile

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By: Tom Gentile
September 19th, 2022

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This week the Federal Reserve announces its decision on what to do with interest rates. The question isn’t IF they are going to raise or not, as that is a forgone conclusion. The questions isn’t even so much as to how much they are going to raise. Most it seems are expecting another 3/4-point hike.

The concern more than anything it seems is what will the Fed’s commentary going to be regarding the status of the economy and the forward-looking statements they make concerning if they are making headwinds in their battle to stave off a recession and get inflation under control.

The Day Today

Last week education was provided on types of gaps and the prospect of last Friday being an exhaustion gap.

We weren’t feeling too confident about it being a pure exhaustion gap because the day did not have the volume profile that usually accompanies one.

None the less the day today finished higher with the gains coming in the last hour or so. The Dow was done 263-points on its low of the day. Caught an updraft late in the day to close up 197-points, snapping a 2-day losing streak.

We aren’t that enthusiastic to take too many positions or too large a position ahead of the Fed, but for those of you so inclined to do so here are the Morning Reports Lists to show where options activity is.

Morning Reports Lists

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Other times I will have other charts may work to amplify my educational points. 

Those options data lists, however, can be found on my app Tom’s Option Tools. Use your device to search up and download this app and get free access to the Morning Reports section of the app.

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