How Much Higher can this Stock Market Bounce Go? Let’s Check Fibonacci

Tom Gentile

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By: Tom Gentile on October 24th, 2022 • 2 mins read

For those of you that have heard of Fibonacci and / or the Fibonacci sequence you likely heard that you can find the sequence in all aspects of life, from human anatomy to plants/nature and in architecture to give a few examples.

You can also see it in the financial markets, specifically when doing technical analysis.

The Fibonacci sequence can be used to establish horizontal lines on a chart to identify potential support or resistance price areas for a security. Let’s see if we can use the Fibonacci sequence to see if we can assess a potential retracement price level for this bounce in the stock market.

Fibonacci Resistance Levels for SPY

Image 71
Figure 1: 60-day Candle Chart with Fibonacci Retracement Tool on SPY

The Markets Potentially have More Upside

At least for equities, which are represented by the chart on SPY, based on the Fibonacci Retracement levels shown in Figure 1 there seems to be some more room for continued upside price action.

We will see how the markets close today, but things seem bullish for right now.

Obviously, the inflation concerns are still with us and the prospects for a recession look smore likely than unlikely, but this bounce off the October 13 low pricing for that day is underway and today’s price action gives indication it could continue.

Earnings Season

Keep in mind we are in the beginning part of this quarter’s Earnings Season. As long as companies not only report earnings and revenue beats AND their forward-looking guidance is positive this should help bullish momentum to remain intact / continue.

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