Laying Low Ahead of the Fed Announcement Due out Tomorrow 

Tom Gentile

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By: Tom Gentile
September 20th, 2022

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There really isn’t much more we can say today that we didn’t say yesterday.  We are not going to promote day=trading per se in these daily educational articles.  Our time duration for our option trades are typically option tht expire out 45-days on average and the patterns we look at are up to 30-days out.

The markets showed  more voltility yesterday with its trading rnge being what it was between its high low and close.

Today, the markets traded dwon and stayed that way most of the day with a bit of a move higher off the lows, but nothing too wild that a day trader of options would have had to fruitful of a day.

We are waiting for the Fed Decision Announcement

Tomorrow at 2pm US ET / 11am US PT the decision on whether/how much the Federal Reserve is hikinh interest rates will be made known to the public.

As statd yesterday, the focus will be moreso on the forward looking commentary from the Fed about inflation and how likely the see a chance of a recession or if they are making in-rods to stavign off influation that the markets will be listengin for.

Their usually is a bit of a subdued trend prior to the announcement, but once it is made expect (though it is not a guarantee) an initial pop or drop in the markets.  And then the rest of the day as more of the commentary comes out and Fed Chari Powewll delivers his speech about what they did and why and what more they will or won’t do comes out the markets will ebb and flow from there based on that commentary.

We’ll talk to you tomorrow after we hear from the Fed!

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