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Mike Wade’s Earnings Mentorship Program

Live Coaching Available

Mike Wade
Your Instructor: Mike Wade

Class Starts August 29th

Class Overview

Take your trading to the next level with Mike as your Trading Coach! Mike is offering a few lucky traders the opportunity for intensive LIVE coaching!

Mike’s Earnings Mentorship Program includes:

  • 6 weekly personalized 1:5 coaching sessions
  • 13 weekly live earnings trade webinars
  • 13 weekly group coaching
  • WhatsApp group for LIVE market and trade alerts
  • BONUS: Discounted year of Tom’s Option Tools Complete Trader Package

With only 5 students per group, Mike will be able to give individualized instruction during each session!

Mike will also provide his mobile number and email address for access between class time.

Class begins August 29th, 2022

Total Package Value $6,990
Limited Time Offer Price $3,490

This package is valued at $6,990. For this week only, we are offering it for $3,490!


Also Available as Stand-Alone Options: 

  • Mike’s Mentoring Only – $1,990
  • Tools Only – $1,990

“Thanks Mike for bringing me up to speed. Below is a copy of my 2/28/2020 trading results: Friday 2/28/2020; Total Option Trades: 14. Ten Winners Average Profit of $356.05. Four Losses Average $82.88. GRAND TOTAL PROFIT FOR THE DAY, 2/28/2020 $3,560.49.”

Terry B.

“One goes through life searching for top mentors and advisors that are not self serving and will actually be accretive to your trading goals and future achievements. Mike trumps them all and quickly ends this long search with his most sincere and genuine attitude, his vast expertise in the areas of Options and how they can be best put to use for a given client. Bravo and my sincere thanks.”

Tony M.

“Over the years I’ve learned a lot about options trading but still struggled with maintaining profits in the long-run. Mike’s mentoring has been the glue to bring all the pieces together and figure out a solid trading plan that gives me the confidence to stay profitable. Thank you!”

Paul K.

“Mike’s coaching is beyond building confidence and knowledge, it changes the way you think, moving you from a student level to a position where you really act as a trader.”

Luciane S.

“The coaching from Mike W is very informative and empowering. With doing the backtesting which I have done before on many systems and strategies with good results I did not know how to put it all together. With the forward looking spreadsheets and the insight from the backtesting it puts it into a sustainable business model/plan to move you forward with confidence.”

Matt T.