Price Volatility in the Equities Market a Wild Ride Today 

Tom Gentile

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By: Tom Gentile
September 6th, 2022

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A simple explanation of price volatility for a stock is one that hits new highs and lows or moves in a manner that isn’t necessarily in  an orderly fashion. This type of activity classifies that stock as highly volatile.

A stock that trades more orderly and trades at a much more stable / consistent price is one to be seen as having low volatility or isn’t volatile.

The Dow’s Intraday Volatility Today

Take the Dow today. It gapped up and started up 145-points. Shortly thereafter rolled down to where it was down about 200+ points.

Rallied yet again and well. Let me show you the intraday chart at the time of this writing:

Figure 1: Intraday chart on the Dow Jones Industrial Average 22/09/06
Figure 1: Intraday chart on the Dow Jones Industrial Average 22/09/06

The overall trend of the day was down, but it clearly did not go down in a straight line.

Securities hardly ever trade higher or lower in a straight line, it’s just some days are more volatile than others.

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