2022 Gold Report

In this report I will show charts that speak to and about what I did with my gold positions. Note, I am OUT of my gold positions and am now looking at opportunities to start putting my toe back in the water; I will educate you all on how I am looking to do so.

2022 Sell in May

Sell in May and Go Away is a 6-month period o time in the market, usually between May 1st and the end of October, that when analyzing the markets potential gains or lesses, they go into an overall flat trading range.

2022 Energy and Oil Opportunity Report

The purpose of this report is to introduce you to a reliable pattern of price behavior that happens in Energy and Oil, (primarily Oil) from the time frame of mid-February to mid-July each year.

2022 Dogs of the Dow

Last year I wrote in this report that the Dogs of the Dow strategy had a wild ride in 2020. Although it hasn’t been the smoothest of rides in 2021, the strategy worked with the Dogs of the Dow (DOTD) showing a positive return of 11% on the year.

2021 Energy and Oil Opportunities Report

Learn how ‘seasonality factors’ within the energy and oil sectors could work with your trading strategies. Tom’s annual report, 2021 Energy and Oil Opportunities Report, helps guide you through a rebounding oil market.

2021 Dogs of the Dow

Are you ready for a fresh start in the market? Or looking for a proven strategy to start the New Year off right? Learn how in our 2020 year-end report, Dogs of the Dow – the Flying Five”. 

2020 Presidential Report

2020 brought us COVID, social unrest and a historic election. This report, The Presidential Cycle Pattern, shows you the criteria Tom uses to find a trading strategy during unsettling times and how to use historic patterns to help navigate the markets.

2020 Sell in May and Go Away

A Bullish market can make trading confusing, but volatile markets can still be profitable markets.  An Options Approach to Sell in May and Go Away could help you discover the best way to approach the markets during turbulent times. 

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