Russia / Ukraine Tensions and My Take on the Stock Market  

Tom Gentile

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By: Tom Gentile
February 14th, 2022

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Happy Valentine’s Day in the Stock Market

… I will get back to this in a bit.

Russia Ukraine Tensions and it’s Effect on the Markets

There is a ton written and researched on what is going on between the two and what may happen that I don’t need to rehash that for you.

What is happening is the stock market (the Dow 30) has fallen over a 1.000 points over the last 5-trading days, (while the financial news networks keep this story front and center).

I am not hearing any new breaking developments about the situation escalating or easing but the fact this concern is still with us the market participants seem nervous to put their money to work in equities outside of oil and energy.

There’s Always a Bull Market Somewhere

Look at the chart on USO and realize that if you believe there is a bull market somewhere, this proves it.

USO Stock 02 14 22

Stock Market Chart on Gold ETF, GLD – Another Sector Showing Strong Performance

Two things:

  1. This bullishness in Oil is great as it coincides with what I found to be a bullish seasonal pattern Energy and Oil that happens from mid-Feb to mid-July
  2. Another sector that has been on a recent tear to the upside is GLD, the ETF that tracks the performance of gold bullion

Taking a look at the Chart on GLD

I wouldn’t give the credit to this bullishness to Valentine’s Day, but rather the tensions between Russian/ Ukraine.

Investors could be rotating their money into this deemed safe haven while all this tension is prevalent.

The chart below shows GLD breaking out to multi-month highs and if you are looking at strong sectors to put your money to work talk with your broker / financial professional if this is suitable for your portfolio.

GLD Stock 02 14 22

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