Stocks At or Near Their 52-Week High Even in a Bear Market

This year has been a struggle for the Bulls as many will tell you we have been in a bear market year-to-date. This doesn’t mean EVERYTHING is being sold and going down in share price. There are still a stocks that are trading at or near their 52-week highs despite the overall bearish trend for the markets.

Where to Find Them?

In my tools/  My online Options Analytics software

Log in to the software.

Do the following mouse sequence: Stocks > Stock Analysis > Hi/Low.

Figure 1: Hi / Low List from
Figure 1: Hi / Low List from

Things to do on this page:

First) Set the ‘Number of Weeks for High/Low Ranking. We choose 52, you can choose whatever number you wish.

Second) Choose a Stock Lists to search on. We choose S&P500 Optionable

Third: Click ’Search’

Below is the first 10 on the list ranked in descending order from the highest percentage to the 52-week high on down.

Figure 2: First 10 Stocks within 10% of their 52-Week High
Figure 2: First 10 Stocks within 10% of their 52-Week High

Here is a chart on Humana, Inc. (HUM) to see how it reflects on the chart. 

Figure 3: Humana, Inc. (NYSE: HUM) Less than 3% from 52-Week high
Figure 3: Humana, Inc. (NYSE: HUM) Less than 3% from 52-Week high

A 100% means it is at its 52-week high. A 90% means it is within 10% of its 52-week high

These stocks are showing strength, as we pointed out, amidst a market that is seeing more selling across the board in most all sectors.

This does not guarantee they will continue to show strength, but this is an alternative approach to that of trying to find a bottom fishing-type stock or a turnaround candidate.

What Can One Do With Them?

One approach to investing and even options trading is look for stock that are showing strength against a declining market and these may be the ones you and your broker discuss further as to whether or not they are suitable to your portfolio or not.

Options traders can consider LEAPs (ng-Term Anticipation Securities) as a way to participate in the stocks strength and possible continued upside without shelling out the cost per share to do so.

App: Toms Option Tools

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Other times I will have other charts may work to amplify my educational points. 

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