The Markets are in Earnings Season – Tom’s Tools Can Help

Tom Gentile

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By: Tom Gentile
February 1st, 2022

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During Earnings Season Price Volatility Happens

Prices on stock coming up on their quarterly earnings announcement can run higher or lower into earnings depending on investors belief in whether they believe the company will meet analysts earnings expectations or not.

You can see stock pulled higher and lower because of the carrying bull and bear expectations amongst investors.

You can also see Indecision in a Market Amongst Options Traders

It is not uncommon to see unusual option activity in both Call and Put options going into an earnings announcement. Look at the two images from my app Toms Option Tools (also found on my website

Feb 1 2022 Highest Option Volume vs Unusually High Put Option Volume

You can see the Highest Option Volume scan shows a Call Option on Cleveland-Cliffs (NYSE: CLF) and the Unusually High Put Option Volume scan shows a Put Option on CLF in its top 10 ranking.

Option Strategy to Consider

I am not going to pick which one of these to pursue. I WILL encourage you to learn the option strategy called the Straddle. One way my team of Options Strategists and I teach this strategy is consider buying to open a Call and a Put option with the same strike price and expiration. 

Anticipate closing the trade win, lose or draw prior to the earnings announcement.

Earnings are due to report for CLF on February 11 Before Market Open (BMO).

App: Toms Option Tools

Market Insight articles may show images of lists of stocks meeting a variety of options parameters like Unusual Call and or Put activity or Expensive IV found on my app Toms Option Tools.

Other times I will have other charts may work to amplify my educational points. 

Those options data lists, however, can be found on my app Tom’s Option Tools. Use your device to search up and download this app and get free access to the Morning Reports section of the app.

Other parts of the app are available at a premium subscription rate, but the Morning Reports Lists are yours free.