Tom’s Weekly Newsletter: April 14th, 2021

3-key things in the markets today.

Coinbase was made available to purchase via a direct listing, rather than a traditional IPO today.

Coinbase is the largest crypto platform in the U.S. and the fact it is now available for investing and / or trading is deemed a watershed moment.

I don’t look at this as something to jump in and start trading just, but I lean more towards looking at this as an investment over the long-term for now.

Ticker: COIN

Another piece of the markets I feel should be highlighted is Oil. Many oil stocks saw a pop in price today after being in a slide and period of consolidation since early to mid-March.

Last: Earnings season is considered officially underway and three of the major financial companies/stocks kicked of earnings season with earnings beats. A beat of their expected eps was seen by JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and Wells Fargo. Even though the markets closed off their intraday highs this helped contribute to the bullishness of the day.

Tom Gentile
C1P Chief 1-Percenter