Tom’s Weekly Newsletter January 19, 2022

Tom Gentile

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By: Tom Gentile
January 26th, 2022

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I am reading, researching, charting, and trying to make sense of where I am going to put my money to work if at all in the short-term.

There is talk the markets could end up 10% off their highs so I did some technical analysis on a chart on SPX, the S&P 500 Index. I annotated where a 10% drawdown would place the SPX.

Darknet Bullish Stock: SPX

It wouldn’t feel the best from a bullish perspective, but if it happens I would look at the technical picture at that time and see if I believe in getting bullish at that point.

Right now, I am more neutral to leaning bearish, even though I am looking to see if the pivot lows in SPX / SPY will act as support. FYI My position in GLD is my best performer.

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