Tom’s Weekly Newsletter June 30, 2021

Jay Harris

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By: Jay Harris
June 30th, 2021

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Hi everyone!

This is Jay Harris, Lead Support, and an Option Strategist for Tom Gentile.

Tom, as many of you know, is on vacation this week.

He and his wife are up in the Pacific Northwest (northern Oregon area) picking up a new expedition vehicle, getting training on how to use it and then taking out to explore some of this part of the country’s magnificent national parks.

When he returns next week, I intend to have him post some pics of their week’s adventure.

In the meantime, the markets move on…

This week our Chartered Market Technician, Clare White, is back with another educational piece for you to learn from.

And I will fill in what we see is going on with the corners of the market in a manner I hope represents Tom well and makes him happy

Thanks for looking up this week’s Tom’s Newsletter and we go forth at this time with the technical analysis of the corners of the market, Stocks (SPY), Bonds (TLT), US Dollar (UUP), Commodities Energy and Oil (USO), and Commodities Precious Metals (GLD)

Jay Harris filling in for Tom Gentile this week

Lead Support for the C1P Chief 1-Percenter

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