What’s on Tap for the Financial Markets This Week

Tom Gentile

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By: Tom Gentile on October 31st, 2022 • 3 mins read

We will look at the Morning Reports List as we get this week started to see where options traders are putting their money to work.

It is up to you to determine which direction you believe the markets will trend so you can then determine if you want to trade option in a bullish or bearish fashion

Earnings this week ending 2022-11-04

Last week we saw many of the major tech companies report and due to their underwhelming results it put a lot of pressure on the NASDAQ. The bullish thing about the market in the real short-term is even with those lackluster results the NASDAQ closed up on the week.

Exxon Mobil and Chevron announced at the end of last week. The stocks continued to hold steady and maintain their uptrend and even today though they close doff their intra-day high they still had bullish days.

Per www.earningswhispers.com some notable companies reporting their earnings this week are Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) so we can get a sense of what’s going on with semiconductors.

Pfizer is also due out this week and that will shed a light on Health Care. We also get a bead on Oil and Energy with BP Plc ADR (NYSE: BP) and Devon Energy Corporation (DVN) this week.

The Fed

Slated for Wednesday is the FOMC announcement. The ongoing fight to stave off inflation is going to be addressed and what further actions they are going to take, and their ongoing plans are either going to cause increased price volatility in the markets or we will see if the markets have already been pricing in their expectations and things behave a bit more rationally.

Morning Reports Lists

In taking a look at these lists one can take a couple of different approaches so long as there is data to better enable one to pursue an option as outlined here.

1) One can take a look at the upcoming companies due to report their earnings.

Once they get those dates know they can then keep an eye on the Morning Reports Lists to see if any of these companies are showing up on the list.

Depending on if a company ends up by chance on a bullish or bearish list will give indication where one might want to talk with their broker about trading.

2) If no one company reporting earnings is popping up on any of these lists one can then decide which direction the markets trade; do they continue their recent ramp higher or do they top out and are due to roll over.

Then look at the options populating the bullish or bearish options lists and discuss further with your broker.

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App: Toms Option Tools

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Other times I will have other charts may work to amplify my educational points. 

Those options data lists, however, can be found on my app Tom’s Option Tools. Use your device to search up and download this app and get free access to the Morning Reports section of the app.

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