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The March to All-Time Highs on SPY is Almost There

Posted on May 15th, 2024

The Equities markets are on the rise again. Since Powell last spoke the market bulls seem less afraid to put their money to work as their seems to be renewed expectations of rates cuts happening this year; where some were beginning to think and say a rate cut may not happen until January of 2025. […]

Fed Day on this May Day

Posted on May 8th, 2024

May 1 is May Day. It has long been celebrated as the midway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. May Day is also known as International Workers’ Day, a holiday supporting labor organizing and workers’ rights. The FOMC’s decision on interest rates was to again leave them unchanged. Today’s decision of no […]

TSLA Kicks off Earnings Reports for the Magnificent Seven This Week

Posted on May 1st, 2024

Earnings has been under way prior to this week, but one batch of stocks are usually the more anticipated as they are the group of stocks that many attribute to the primary reason for the gains we have seen in the overall markets – the Magnificent Seven. Here is the list of stock and their […]

There May be No Rate Cut in 2024

Posted on April 24th, 2024

Inflation Needs to COOL OFF! It seems like forever ago there was talk of the Fed issuing their first rate cut in years this past March.  Then we were looking at the first one happening in June.  NOW, per the CME Group’s Fed Watch gauge, there is only a 44% chance it happens in July. The […]

Inflation Data Primary Reason for the Market Drop

Posted on April 17th, 2024

What do options traders do when days like this happen Assess if there is a belief there is a further drop to come. If so, stand aside and manage current open option trade positions. Is it time to close the positions and take what profits are still there? Does one close the trades if they […]

Fed Day – Needs More Evidence Inflation is Easing

Posted on April 10th, 2024

Today FOMC Chairman Jerome Powell spoke at the Stanford policy conference economic forum. With the second quarter getting off to a sluggish start the markets were looking forward to what Powell had to say regarding their stance on an interest rate cut or interest rate cuts. What will they do regarding interest rates: Will they […]

The Markets Got back to Their Old Habits of Making New All-Time Highs

Posted on April 3rd, 2024

The continued habit of making all-time highs for the markets, but in some respect it wasn’t made in the recent fashion where a small percentage of stocks were the drivers to these record highs. Today saw a broad rally take place. All 11 sectors of the S&P 500 traded higher ked by Utilities +2.8%. Next […]

Fed Day and the Markets Liked what Chairman Powell had to Say

Posted on March 27th, 2024

The markets don’t like uncertainty. This whole will the Fed cut or won’t they uncertainty over the past 20 or so trading days, is one cause for the sideways trading action over the past 20 or so trading days. Investors and option traders alike tend to be less aggressive with their spending during periods of […]

Are the Markets Poised to Continue Making New Highs?

Posted on March 20th, 2024

Options Traders want to know. Are the markets going to continue to climb and make continuous new highs? No one is going to come out and tell us yes or no. We need to do our technical analysis and see what fundamental investors and technical traders do with their capital and how that reflects in […]

Learn Options Trading Strategies on Your Schedule

Posted on March 13th, 2024

Earnings for this part of the year is about wrapped up.  For those of you who have studied with my colleague Mike Wade in his Earnings Mastery course I wish you continued success in your learning and trading of the strategies taught. What is the options trading focus now? Well, since the markets have been […]